Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just keep praying, just keep praying....

I kinda jokingly say this while thinking of the scene in "Finding Nemo" and the one fish in their at one time says "just keep swimming.. just keep swimming".

But in all seriousness, in reading a friends blog and hearing about her and her husbands plans for missions and their journey thus far. But this gets me to thinking about my life at this point. I'm a year and a half out of Bible school. And i'm currently working at a call center to troubleshoot for computer peripheral. I've been asked numerous times "so what are you doing here at this job? shouldn't you be serving in a perish or something like that?" And at this time, i have numerous things burning in my heart. More than anything, i want people around me to experience the presence of Jesus in their lives, resulting in either their salvation or a deepening of their relationship with Jesus.

The other nite, i was at a prayer meeting here in town and i was standing in back. And they were streaming in media from another prayer meeting. And right there in front of me, the youth around me are just worshiping Jesus and lifting up their hands to Him. I can't tell you how i loved this! I thought "this is success right here to me. seeing a generation worshiping Jesus." And what's awesome is that this is happening all over the place. There is a cry in the heart of a people crying out for something more.

I've come to build some good relationships with these people and just getting to know them more and having them to get to know me more, which is great b/c then that gives me more say into their lives.

But what next? How long will I be here? That's a good question. I figure i will eventually be moving back to PA. But for the time, i'm here to serve the local church. I'm here to serve and just be someone who has a bit of wisdom and understanding and some insight into the things that are currently happening. I mean, i've been in this mess for years, i've seen a lot and been through a lot of heart ache and awesome triumph and jubilee and victory. But the Holy Spirit is on the move. He's stirring hearts and minds to be yearning and praying for something more.

At times, i'm wondering why the Lord hasn't given the green light to move out yet. But i like the idea of our church here joining with other churches to seek the face of God and to pursue a revolution/revival of some sort. Just within those two words, there is a lot of explaining as to what each really is. Perhaps for another time.

But at times, i feel like i'm not doing much of anything. But right now, i'm in transition. Just like in an army, from battle to battle, their traveling and marching. And right now, thats what i feel i'm doing. I'm in transit. Going from one battle to the next. All the while, staying vigilant.

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Anonymous said...

stay in relationship with God in LOVE, repentance and humblness of heart...and you will be used wherever you physically are. if you do your job in this...God can do His through the Spirit.

also...we are always in transition.
just a little secret i will let you in on now that i am 52 i have learned this. God is the one that does the work that we so much want to do...our job is to believe the one He love God and to love eachother. for with out LOVE what we do is nothing and what we are is nothing.


God bless you, brother.
Look always to Jesus
talk always with God
seek always to be in His Love
the Spirit lives in you and
works through you
rest in God