Thursday, January 24, 2008

Elections 2008

In all the hassle of the elections that are coming up, i find it really helpful to not listen to the media a lot. I'll look at FOX News and get the scoop of whats going on there. But ultimately, i look at the platform of the person (after all, everyone knows that the candidate actually runs the platform ((the issues)) and then we just vote for the person who runs the platform that we like).

For myself, I will be pulling the lever for Huckabee. he seems to have the best conservative platform, and his life lines up with it.

I have a deep respect for McCain in that he's a POW and faught to defend my freedom, and for that, i thank him and our other men and women in the armed forces.

And i deeply respect Guiliani for what in New York during 9/11. I'm grateful for the leadership he gave during that time (of course, i'm sure there are those who were there and have different opinions, and possibly even merited against him.

I'm glad that Thompson dropped out of the race because he was in deep against Huckabee. And had Huckabee not run, i probably would've voted for Thompson. But it just seems that with Huckabee being a good bit younger and having more notoriety, he seems like a good choice. I think Thompson was pulling votes away from Huckabee. and i'm hoping and praying that those who were pulling for Thompson will now pull for Huckabee.

Below are some sites to help those of you who may be struggling in how to know if your registered to vote or even who to vote for. I pray that the Holy Spirit gives you wisdom and clarity in direction as far as who to vote for when the time comes.

I'm sure that there are plenty of other sites out there. If you know of one, please email that to me so i can look it over.


Anonymous said...

i seems that the election process that is now inplace seeks to divide us instead of unite us

Anonymous said...

and because of our different beliefs, the politians and media tend to try and use that to their advantage to gain votes. we must be aware of that. and that can lead to more division at times like these because some people are drawn to focus more on our differences than what unites us as a country of individuals.

Anonymous said...

we have the right to speak as believers. but, most believers do not speak as though they really do believe that Christ is their Lord even in our everyday living.

shawnman said...

so in other words, what ur saying is is that most people just give the Lord lip service, but they're hearts are far from Him... maybe if we get someone like most of the candidates running, it will bring the church to its knees... maybe.. we'll see..