Saturday, June 2, 2007

Immigration Reform

A hot topic currently in our nation right now is the issue of illegal aliens from other countries, mostly Mexico. Now, i'm not against people from other nations coming here legally. I love other cultures and people groups. But what i am against is other people coming here illegally and then getting away with it. Another issue that is tied in with this is social security. Soon, there won't be enough of people supporting it to make it last. I'm all for people coming here and working and being a benefit to society and doing their part. But what i don't like is someone coming here and enjoying my benefits without contributing. Worse yet, people come here illegally, get drunk, go drive and then end up killing someone. That is wrong. it needs to be dealt with.

Again, let me stress that i love people from all over the globe coming here and bringing all their stuff and ideas and whatnot here. it's great! its creative. and i love to travel and experience things. but if i go to Italy, i'd expect to have to learn Italian. I wouldn't go forcing them to learn English. I'm on their turf and i'd play by their rules. And if they want to learn English, thats fine. but i'm not going to force them to learn it to suite me.

Your welcome here when you coming legally and play by the rules and do your part. But not be a mooch and be lazy.

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