Friday, June 8, 2007

God at Work

As i go throughout my day, i'm just marveled at what is going on. Hearts are being stirred for a deeper reality of Christendom. At church, its just awesome to sit there and just take it all in. I know it usually doesn't feel like anything at the time, but the Holy Spirit is stirring the waters. Just recently, we finally got a prayer team established at church. It's a little hard w/ our current situation at church being at the Y in the mornings. We have to be out of there by 12:30. which makes it a little rough for us. usually, the message part of the morning isn't over until about roughly 11:30ish so thats gives us like a max of about an hour for altar ministry. b/c in that hour, we have to be praying for people AND tearing things down.

But we have Steve Hill coming to preach this next Thursday nite! i'm very excited.. i've seen videos of the revival, but never got to hear him live. for those who don't know... Steve Hill was used mightily of God in the Brownsville Revival from 1995-2000. so who knows what will happen this thursday nite. i know hearts are prepped for it. at least mine is.

I just have soo much stuff... but i just don't know how to word it.


Stevie B said...

I got to see Steve Hill preach live, but I'm still jealous.

From the inside out said...

Then you are in for a real treat "friend"! Passionate, real and lovingly harsh are words that come to mind when I think of Steve Hill. You will be be blessed!

shawnman said...

yeah, i like it when people don't mince words when they're preaching from the Word of God. give it to people straight.