Friday, January 9, 2009

Reasons to Pray for Obama, Pt. 5

Reason 12: New Era of Socialism. Pres. Obama will usher the U.S. into a new era of European-style socialism and big govern't collectivism under the guise of globalism and fairness.

He wants to expand government to the point of controlling the public in a bad way. It sounds well and good, but when someone lazy is getting money from me when I'm working hard, that doesn't sit well with me. I will help someone get the tools necessary to get them back on their feet. But not to reward their laziness.

Reason 13: Government-Run Health Care. Pres. Obama will weaken the world's greatest health care system by pushing a socialized, govern't-run system that increases our tax burden and limits health care choice.

Again, he wants the government to control the decision making, instead of allowing doctors to make the decisions, someone in the government will make the call.

Reason 14: Radical Abortion Agenda. He'll promote the most radical abortion agenda in the history of the American Presidency and he will start by signing the Freedom of Choice act.

He will promote 'abortion on demand' so that a woman doesn't have to deal w/ the 'mistake' (another word for 'pregnancy' according to Obama). Mind you, to show the video of a partial birth abortion would be banned on national broadcast television. It's a procedure where the doctor 'delivers' the baby feet first up to the neck and then inserts a syringe and extracts the brain, causing the skull to collapse and allow the now-dead baby to be aborted. Remember, in an interview when he was asked at what time does the baby deserve rights, his answer was "that's above my pay grade to answer that." Scary? Yeah, I know.

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