Monday, January 5, 2009

Reasons To Pray for Obama, Pt. 4

Reason 7: Open Border Anarchy. Despite lack of progress on the double-layer fence, Obama will minimize government efforts to secure our borders while exposing our nation to more illegal, criminal and terrorist crossings at our borders.

Reason 8: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. There are good chances that Obama will sign into law a plan to give amnesty and taxpayer supported benefits to millions of illegal aliens, launching the largest increase in illegal immigration in our nation's history.

Reason 9: Diminished U.S. Military. President Obama will oversee a reduction in the U.S. military while pursuing a radical agenda of nuclear disarmament as part of an overall strategy that leaves our country more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. He wants to retract everything and disarm our defenses.

Reason 10: Carbon Tax to Save the Planet. Under President Obama, the unproven theory of global warming will be codified into law, costing tax payers billions of dollars and placing an enormous burden on the U.S. Economy.

Reason 11: "Green" Energy Crisis. Pres. Obama will worsen American's energy crisis by rejecting calls for increased domestic oil and nuclear production while promoting an ideological energy crisis that forces costly 'green solutions on society.

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