Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reason's to Pray for Obama, Pt. 2

In another installment of my "Reason's to Pray for Obama" series, I wanted to hit another couple of topics here. I'm going to skip over a couple of reasons due to my lack of knowledge about them, but I'll at least mention them.

Reason 2 to pray for Obama: Tax Increases for All. Despite campaign rhetoric, President Obama will increase direct and indirect taxation on virtually all American's in pursuit of his stated goals of societal transformation and wealth redistribution. (Taken from the before mentioned pamphlet "Living in an Obama Nation: 21 Way the Obama Presidency Will Impact You and Your Family."

Reason 3: The End of Marriage. President Barack Obama will watch over the end of traditional marriage by pushing a pro-homosexual agenda that includes repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in his first year in office.

In essence, to him, he will start to at least do nothing to stop the homosexual agenda from going forward. Meaning, he won't stand for traditional marriage. But he will at least step aside and let those would decide to ruin the sanctity of marriage being between a married man and woman (being married to each other) and make it accessible to a man and man or woman to woman. But what if it doesn't stop there? Why not do an aunt to a nephew or some other combination? He stated in a letter to the LBGT community that he will as president support the gay community and see to it that their rights are up held.

Along this same line, he wants to make it possible for hate crimes to cover sexual orientation. Ladies, lets just say that your in a public restroom, taking care of business. And in walks a guy! Do you realize that if you were to try and gently say to the misguided man "Um, sir, your in the wrong restroom. The mens is just down the hall (or next door, or whatever the case may be). Do you realize that that could potentially be labeled as hate speech!? I mean, perhaps the guy just feels more feminine that particular day! That's where this is going. Trying to do away with the letter of the law and more along the lines of feelings.

Reason 4: Silencing Conservatives. He wants to utilize the Fairness Doctrine, and the power of the Executive Branch, to silence conservative opposition and deliver a damaging blow to free speech for all Americans.

The Fairness Doctrine is a policy that requires broadcast media to promote "fairness" and "balance". I haven't been on CNN or some of the other major networks in months. I stick w/ FoxNews or WorldNetDaily for my news. The way that some of the major networks spew their stories about blaming Israel for everything is just ridiculous.

Obama says that he is a Christian. Probably like a lot of folks say they're Christians and they know all the right talk. But what are they REALLY like? What am I really like?

Lord Jesus, I come before your throne of grace today, and I life up President-elect Obama to You. Lord, many of his policies I don't agree with. But I still petition you and ask for You to bless him with Godly wisdom in this hour. God, I thank you that while we were still yet sinners, Christ died for us. So Father God, I pray that you would visit him God and give him an encounter with Your Holy Presence and change his life forever more. May he come out of this as a man after Your Own Heart. Amen.

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