Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reasons to Pray for Obama, Pt. 1

I recently acquired a booklet entitled "Living in an Obama Nation: 21 Ways the Obama Presidency Will Impact You and Your Family". I just started to read this little pamphlet and its very informative. Let me also say again that I DID NOT and COULD NOT in good conscience vote for Obama. But, should everything continue as it may (if his birth was proven to be in the States, which to date is still up in the air and the longer he keeps it confidential and acts like its not an issue just reaffirms my nervousness about him.)

None the less, since i can do little more than continue to pray for him, that is what i shall do, as well as voice concern and raise the issues. This first issue in this book is "Post-American Presidency." In short, according to the booklet, ..."in Obama's post-American world, the U.S. must accept responsibility for the hatred and even terrorism directed at our land. Our wealth makes us responsible for the terrorists' bombs, not the vile ideology of the terrorists." So because someone in Africa is buying our stuff, we're responsible for someone trying to steal it? What? So because your rich, your responsible for someone trying to rob you... interesting.

I'm all for standing up to some bully trying to push people around. And unfortunately, America is seen as much a lot. I guess because we stand up for the little guy at times, we're seen as a bully.

After 9/11, all these countries came to rally around us. But then how quickly we went to do something about it and suddenly, everyone is dropping out. I wish the UN would've done something. They have policies for it. I'm not sure what happened there...

One thing I did like about this is that Obama wants to do something about global poverty. Hey, I got an idea, I know of a lot of missionaries around the world who are fighting this very thing. How about we give them the money and let them do the work or at least let them lead. I know, then everyone cries the false thinking of "separation of church and state..."

So, one down, 20 more to go. There is a lot more to all of this, but in an attempt to not make this into a 20 pg novel, i'm stopping here.

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