Friday, October 17, 2008

Some May Trust in Wall Street...

Lately I've been humming/thinking over the tune that I my church used to sing a lot in PA. Some may trust in horses, some may trust in chariots, but we will trust in the Name of the Lord. Some may trust in government, some may trust in wall street, but we will trust in the name of the Lord. I'm sure you know where this is going.

Amazingly, I haven't been watching much of the elections this year. I know who i'm voting for, and that's about it. I know that the Democratic candidate doesn't value life that much and that the Republican candidate does. Friend, if we can't value life, everything else is kind of meaningless. Just to show my colors, I'm registered Republican. Doesn't mean i agree with everything a 'republican' candidate does, but there values seem closer to the Bible. If a Democratic candidate would be holding better values than the Republican one does, then I guess I'd be voting respectively. But I don't know about all 3 of you who read this, but I have learned not to put my trust in government and money, but I put my hope and trust in Jesus and His Word. This is coming from someone who is starting to get involved in 401K and all that good jazz. I'm not against investing wisely, but i just don't want to put my faith and trust in something that will eventually burn and not pass the test of time. If your into investing, now is the time to buy probably and I'd say invest wisely. And if I had more money to invest, I'd be doing just that. I want to save up for the future. But my first goal is pleasing the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Everything else is secondary.

With voting right around the corner, know the issues and what each candidate really stands for. And then get on your knees and ask God what is on His heart. It's nothing really that drastic, just a couple million lives are at stake. I once heard that some folks were voting for a certain candidate b/c they were a good speaker and were very eloquent. That scares me. The Bible warns of flattering speech. I personally get very scared when people just have all these nice things to say about topics. Sometimes it seems we're too afraid to look at the big picture and realize the mess we're really in.

I know, this was one of those really encouraging blogs huh? Sometimes, we just gotta call it like we see it...

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