Sunday, October 5, 2008

Life In General

There has been a lot going on as of late. There are election campaigns in full swing right now, the financial arenas are crumbling as we speak, life in general just seems to be going on a downward spiral towards nothingness. It's amazing how much of our lives revolves around computers and money. Which is unfortunate really. I mean, my current job literally revolves around computers. And when they're not functioning properly, we definitely notice it.

As far as the elections go, I largely stay away from a lot of the media as far as opinion goes. I get a little of the news from certain media outlets, but I look at the lives of the candidates and what they stand for. If they don't respect and care for life, then many other aspects of their lives will follow suit. One of the defining issues will be their moral/spiritual stance. Granted, I usually vote more on the Republican ticket because they're known to be more conservative in their views regarding abortion and religion on the society as a whole.

I want to say that about government and religion mixing, I'm not looking for a Theocracy. As I've said before, that's been tried and it failed. I do however want officials to be going to God and asking the Lord for wisdom and direction in how to govern. I don't want them to be forcing it down others throats necessarily, but an occasional quoting of scripture never hurts.

It does give me great comfort to know that my leaders in Washington D.C. have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our nation was founded on the Bible and most of the leaders then were men who knew God and had a relationship with Jesus.

As far as Wall Street, why is it that soo much of our lives revolve around those pieces of paper? It's honestly frightening to think that. I'm not against talking about money and dealing with it. It's a great tool to be used. And I want to see people with great financial minds be used in Christendom. But lets not put our faith and trust in our wallets. The economy goes up and down worse than the coolest roller coaster out there (and I love roller coasters). Let us put our faith in God and in our relationship with Jesus. And let's ask God for wisdom to know how to spend the money He's entrusted us with.

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