Saturday, October 25, 2008

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Just the other day I received an email with the opportunity to download a free song. The song is called "Battle Hymn of the Republic." I must tell you that I've been playing this song a lot here recently, probably on over kill to a degree. But with everything that is going on right now, it just seems fitting.

I for one am ready for the elections to be over. I'm tired of the mudslinging and both campaigns just coming down on each other. I'm interested in politics and like to keep up with the news. I just voted for this election just the other day.

This election was a tough call for me. I felt like I didn't really have anyone to vote for. I'm registered Republican and I do hold to what probably many would consider conservative Biblical values. There are just a couple of clinchers for me. One of my top concerns is abortion. If we can't defend life, the economy and everything will suffer. I can't vote for someone who doesn't value life or Jesus and traditional marriage.

I understand that there are a lot of other issues out there, why do we always concentrate on abortion and homosexual rights? Why not take on theft or divorce or other issues like that? Tell you what, when we start to hold rallies to support thieves or adulterers, I'll be worried about that then as well. But I gotta tell ya, I have yet to see a rally where they support adultery and theft or divorce. I don't see a whole lot of laws being written to support theft or protecting thieves.

Hear me out on this, I'm a registered Republican, but I have long since put my faith and trust in a political party. Yes, the Republican party has ideals that I feel are closer to Biblical standards. But I put my faith and trust in the Holy Word of God. I put my faith in trust in God and I look to deepen my relationship with Jesus. My voting is just a means to an end.

In any case, I'm ready for the elections to be over and done with. Honestly, maybe having someone in the Oval who wants to jack taxes way up and support gay rights, maybe that will be good for us. Maybe it will wake up a sleeping church. Maybe it will bring us to our knees. I would hate to think that it would take another major attack such as 9/11 (which, by the way, I think we've forgotten it already or it just became too much of a buzz word) to wake us up.

Please understand my heart in why I say what I say (write). It's not to drag anyone or anything through the mud. But I've been around the world and I've seen devastation. I've seen people living in conditions that I wouldn't want my pet (if I ever get one) to be living in. And then to come back and hear the 'problems' that people here 'suffer' with. It just kinda gets to you after a bit. Sometimes, I just wanna tell people to snap out of it. But then I'm reminded that the battle is in the Spirit. And its just manifested in the natural by people who live under oppression. And it's through that that I want to see people be free.

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