Friday, August 22, 2008

Saddleback Civil Forums

Recently, i received an email from the AFA about the Saddleback Civil Forums. I was watching a few of the videos of Obama, listening to him give the typical 'political' answers (in other words, to me, he didn't answer the questions).

I found this forum really interesting... at least the parts I saw of it. I may not like some of Rick Warren's stuff, but this is one thing I'm cool with (not that that means a lot...). But some folks had a problem that it was in a church. It was in a building that houses a church. Get over it ACLU and all those others who cry over stuff like that.

And obviously, I disagreed w/ most of the stuff Obama said (although, he again never really answered the questions, so i guess I can't really say i agreed or disagreed. I thought he was all about change...? I wish that would mean more than politicians would come out and give us an answer. Right or wrong. But I guess that means turning some people off and losing votes..) i didn't really listen to much of what McCain said.

But one other thing I noted: I'm ready for we as the Body of Christ to arise and instead of being a laughingstock, tackle these issues and quit whimpering in the corner. I'm honestly tired of this stuff being handled with laws passed, but rather lets get to the hearts of people and show them Jesus. Let's show them the love of God and point them in the direction of ALL TRUTH. This means more than just having nice meetings, but rather us being a threat to satan and his kingdom.

So, I don't know about you, but i'm most certainly planning on voting. I think this election year will really prove a couple different things. I think it will wake a lot of folks up to the fact of that its not just up to one man whom we call the president to solve all our problems, but its up to us to pray and seek God and cry out for mercy and pray for our leaders. It's up to us to live out the Word of God and turn to God and forsaking unrighteousness and then the Lord will heal our land. I believe in praying for our leaders and I want to encourage probably all 2 or 3 of you who read this to do your part.

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