Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In Reflection...

I like to read various articles, even articles that I know I will disagree with. I also like to read other peoples stuff to see how other things read. I know that at times, I can come across quite gruff and rough. At times, I can be very confrontational. But I only like to be like that when need be. I recently had someone tell me that they see me in some very tough situations in the future, and yet for me, it won't seem that bad. I love to have discussions with folks, even when they disagree. But I like to be able to agree to disagree on issues. To me, its a mark of maturity. When you don't blow up on people, but you calmly say "I have a differing view point on that." And yet you can be best of friends.

On one of my recent posts, I had forwarded it to a friend of mine. He wrote back and shared his thoughts. They were very interesting. I find that when you have people give you feedback and its not always the nice stuff, it shows you who you really are.

Just fyi, I haven't really been glued to the news lately to follow the elections. I personally disagree w/ Obama and I know I won't be voting for him (check his voting record, he supports genocide and other immoral issues), and I guess if i have to vote for McCain, I will. But neither of them would be my first pick. I would rather have a politician get in there who isn't the slickest with folks, but yet he gets things accomplished. Flattering speech scares me.

That's it for now. Make it a great one.

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