Friday, May 30, 2008

Well Digging...

This blog is dedicated to all those who have sewn into the great revivals of the past through tears and travail. May i not drop this torch, but carry on. May what i do in my life make your lives worth the price you paid.

The other day i was thinking about current life. I got to thinking about well digging... i'm going somewhere with this..

As to date, there is a healing revival going on in Lakeland, FL. I wouldn't mind going down, but i haven't really felt the release to go as of yet. I frankly don't care what others are saying about it. I have my own opinions about it. You can't really compare to other revivals (Toronto, Brownsville, Azusa Street) and some others because i don't know of two revivals that are all alike. And i realize that all these revivals were preceded by my prayer and travail and a people getting hungry for something other than just meetings.

I believe that this next move of God will be something soo much more. It will be built on relationships. It will be impacting to the next door neighbors. We can learn from past mistakes...

But i remember about 8 years ago, my friends and i started praying for a revival in our area back in Lancaster, PA. then we heard about Brownsville and headed down there to experience it. It was in the years following that we ran from conference to conference and all sorts of meetings. We wanted to experience God and His presence.

But in the past few years, i haven't been able to attend many conferences. Can't say is that i've wanted to. Reason being: i'm tired of running, i was to dig my own well and see God do something where I'm at. I get tired of church services like you wouldn't believe. Honestly i'm in a mode where i just want to leave unless i'm involved somehow. I frequently get asked to help minister at meetings. And i love to get prayed over by others, but i usually don't 'feel' a whole lot when i'm getting prayed for by others. but its usually just in the times of worship that i most get really touched by God.

I don't have a problem at all with people running to hot spots. Because as i've said before, i used to do all that. But now i'd like to dig my own well here and have people get and get touched and blessed here. I long to see the lost coming into relationship w/ God and the prodicals coming home, seeing the demon possessed/oppressed get freed and all that fun stuff.

But i just want to dig the well here and that way i don't have to keep running. It's not going to be easy probably. You can only run for soo long.

In any case, i just thought i'd put this out there and see what kind of feedback i get.

Lord, grant me the grace to persevere and even when times to rough to look to You to strength and sustenance.

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