Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gen X

I know that some of my posts get repetitious. And i know i repeatedly address hot button issues. But for some reason, i like to grab the bull by the horns and just pull. It gives me a good challenge. And once again, i wanted to discuss schooling. For those of you who know me, you know that since 3rd grade, i was in public school. Yes, the big bad public education system. Now granted, perhaps i was in a very conservative area (right next to our high school, was "The Cloister", which is kinda like a community of Quakers lived back in the 1800's i think... i'll have to look into that more later on.. i apologize for my lack of research thus far.)

Also, as a side note, i want to add that i am not a parent as of current date. I've baby sat and spent much time w/ little kids. But i am not a parent so perhaps i don't have room to speak much here. So for those of you reading this who ARE parents, please understand that I am in no way trying to tell you how i think you should raise YOUR kids. That is between you and God. So please take this as from someone who has a heart to reach out to teens and teach and train them in the ways of the Lord. If the Lord has spoken to you about homeschooling and that is what you feel you are to do, by all means GO FOR IT! I most certainly want you to obey God in that.

And granted, i grew up in a very loving family. We talked things over as a family and dealt with the issues as they arose. (Train up a child in the way they should go and they will follow it all the days of their life.)

But in talking with many families, its like everyone is afraid of the public school system. They say their kids aren't ready for that yet... But yet those very same kids are ready to put themselves down in front of a tv screen for hours and play a video game or some movie. I mean, do we want to take over this world or not? I was talking w/ my mom the other day on the phone and she has a couple young ladies there at church that look to her for guidance. And i thought that was great! But i told her that if you ask them what they're dealing with, don't be surprised at what they may tell you. In my years of experience, kids at the age of 12 are dealing with stuff that i didn't have to deal with until i was 21.

Now, i know i have a very confrontational style to me. And i know that at times, i can be very abrasive (that may be an understatement). It's how God made me... lol. I don't mind getting down and dirty and dealing with things in life. And as always, you have to be careful in how you deal with them. Everyone is different. Some people like it very direct and point blank... others not so much. (Can you tell which one I am?) (Even in writing this, i want to choose my words very carefully and notice i'm not using very many exclamation marks at all.)

My main point in all of this is that the schools are a great way to get to kids, in a healthy way (for those of you who DON'T know me, i mean that in a very safe way.) But obviously, i want to be able to get into the schools somehow and show them the love of God. There are countless teens in there that are hurting and need Jesus and often times, just need a friend.

I can remember right after Columbine, there were rumors going around our school that there was going to be a shooting at our school. The day it was supposed to happen, you could've cut the fear with a knife! But I was there and just being me. (I know, scary thought, But i had to go, aside from wanting to be there. If i didn't go, there goes any hope for my witness.

I say its time to put God back in the schools. And parents and teachers are obviously very limited in what they can do. Teach your child and send them in. They're Special Forces. They'll get into places where others can't. It's time to take the high ground.

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