Friday, May 2, 2008

Send the Fire

Last night at church, we had a night amount of time just crying out to God. I was glad... because that's what i had on my heart to do. I didn't really want to hear another message (i'm kinda tired of hearing messages, although there is a time and place for preaching). but last night while gathered as a congregation to pray and seek the Lord for Him.

I know i mention the word 'revival' a lot on my blogspot. One concern i have is that it was just be a buzzword. And i know a lot of times, churches have a week set aside in the year for a revival. this is a topic that has been on my heart for years. I would probably say for a good 8+ years. A number of years ago, the Lord messed me up in such a way that i can't sit idly by. My heart yearns for a greater depths of the Lord and His working. It may not always feel like it or seem like it, but while on this planet, my heart burns to see Jesus made known.

in any case, my heart longs to see the Holy Spirit 'poured out' upon this earth. Sometime ago, the president of FIRE, Dr. Micheal Brown, wrote what he calls a 'sarcastic prayer for revival'. You have to understand before reading this that this is coming from a New York Messianic Jew.

"Prayer for a 'Nice' Revival"
Not too loud and not too long;
We want a nice revival.
Nothing heavy, weird or wild;
Our first goal is survival.

Make our church grow big, dear Lord;
Give us souls galore!
And bless our new faith budget, God;
That’s what revival’s for!

We’re praying and we’re fasting, Lord;
Please send Your Spirit in power.
And do whatever You see fit --
Just keep it to an hour!

Send the river, send the flood,
Send Your mighty rain.
Send Your glory down, O God:
It will be to our gain.

And now we close with this request;
We pray with heart and soul:
Send a great revival, Lord --
But leave us in control!

“Prayer for a ‘Nice’ Revival,” MLB

I've been in many different services where the presence of the Lord has been, probably what many would consider, unusually strong. Now, part of that bothers me that many might consider it strong. I don't like the idea of being able to play church. That's just boring. But real revival is messy. Forget about keeping the hair nice and combed and keeping the nice face on. It's going to mess you up. Some of you reading this know far better than i do about the reality of that. I've experienced a sliver of what some of you might have.

But last night, it just kinda felt weird. Not like in a bad way, but many are hearing about what's going on in Lakeland, Florida with Todd Bentley. I've watched numerous different viewings of it and his style is a bit different that what i like. But people are getting healed and saved. And their will be fruit from it and that's one of the best ways to judge it. But i went into the meeting last night and was like "God, i'm grateful for what your doing in Lakeland and i would love to go down there. But God, right now i can't. So Lord, do it here. Prepare my heart, mind and life for what your about to do.

May we always be vigilant and test what is going on by the Word of God. Not our own experiences and feelings. But if its a God thing, judge it according to the scriptures. And be careful what you ask for.

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