Friday, April 18, 2008

PA Happenings

Well, i'm back in North Carolina by now. I got back last night around 6pm. i think i might have set a personal record for driving back. probably starting out somewhere around 9:15 am or so and getting back to my house here about 5:50 or so. (you may voice your approval or disapproval only if you've ever had to do numerous 8+ hour drives by yourself). i was really proud of my little car... traffic was light and no major traffic blocks.

the trip was good i thought. I was able to get a show at Sight and Sound there. Me and my mom went to see Daniel and the Lion's Den. I've been a couple shows there. They're a bit pricey, but i think that for Christian entertainment, its pretty good. I mean, you'll usually fork out about $40 or more for a sporting event or some other form of entertainment. At least this had solid Biblical elements to it.

I was able to hang out w/ some friends from the past and my family. Sunday night, we had a small family get together. so my mom and dad and younger siblings piled into our recently bought station wagon. me and my brother picked on my younger sister the whole time the way down. it was total fun.. lol.

Wednesday night i was able to go and hang out w/ the youth group from my home church there. they ended up praying for me and bringing some words which were on the mark... i was soo proud of them! it was neat to see them stepping out and praying and prophesying somethings into my life! some of them were just recently Baptized in the Spirit just in September and were exploring some benefits to that! Go for it guys! i'm proud of you.

i was also able to hang out some at our local house of prayer and sit in on a class there and participate in a few worship sets. Things are heating up back there, and its exciting to check it out and see what the Lord is doing. He's awakening His Bride in this hour!

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