Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Church of Oprah

This sounds like Universalism through and through. Everyone doesn't get to Heaven just by being good. There is only One way in and thats through Jesus. If you empty yourself of everything and start inviting spirits in, you are asking for a demonic oppression and possession.

What you should be doing is clearing your mind and life of all sin and asking Jesus to come and 1. Heal the wounds of the past. 2. cleanse you from all unrighteousness. 3. Fill you with His Holy Spirit. That's when you will become a better person. When you start praying to God and start reading the Bible.

It really does sadden me to hear that people are actually speaking this stuff. Some may think that I like to write these things. But I don't. We as Americans have a duty. We have a duty to show the world that, in Jesus, we can make this place better. You may wonder why the world hates Christianity. One of the reasons is is that they associate Christianity with Hollywood. They think that that's what all American Christians are like. Someone once asked me why i think guys like bin Laden and his folks hate us. Probably one reason is is because again, they're putting Christianity with Hollywood.

Folks, we're in a spiritual battle here. Plain and simple. I've been to other nations. I've been to Haiti and seen what a country consecrated to the devil looks like. I've been to the Philippines and seen what it looks like to worship everything under the sun. Being a 'good person' just won't cut it. You have to turn from your sinful lifestyle.

Why does God let bad things happen? Because He loves us enough to let us make our own choices. God isn't a dictator.

Listen, i'm not going to say something like stop watching these daytime shows... you take that up with God. You allow Him to speak to your heart. The tv is just a tool. Just throwing a bunch of rules and regulations at you isn't going to change much. I would rather you say 'I don't want to' versus 'I'm not supposed/allowed to.'

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