Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ministry: What Is It?

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That's just something to get the wheels turning. But what is 'ministry'? I mean, can you be in 'the ministry' and work a job in the market place? Or is it confined to just what preachers do on a typical Sunday morning? I know of folks who are out there on the street corners and they're 'preaching'. They're delivering the Word of the Lord (or so one hopes). I've heard some street preachers and some speakers and they just sound mean. Then I've heard some and what they have to say sounds totally different! But both groups are saying the same thing!

One thing I've come to learn over time is that it's important of HOW something is being presented. When the speakers blood vessels on their neck is bulging out and they're face is bright red, that can be a turn off to some because they sound or come across as mean. I've had people give me messages and it seems like they're yelling right in my face. So I step back and they just follow me. Then I'm like "ok, i'm right in front of you and i can hear you just fine.... you don't have to yell." One of the things that I love to do is listen to a child present the gospel. Usually because they haven't been tainted or hurt by people and their message is just so pure. Speaking out of a wounded heart tends to just hurt others. People can feel the attitude behind what your saying and if its not done in the Holy Spirit, its most likely just going to hurt others.

Now, I personally don't mind open air preaching and speaking in front of others. But some people seriously get sick at the idea of it. And everyone has their method of ministering. Some its out in the public sphere... some its from the pulpit and some its over a cup of coffee/relational evangelism. That's the beauty of the Body; everyone has a different way of going about it. I'd say that as long as your keeping the message right on and your doing what the Lord has called you to do... go for it.

The Great Commission is to go and make disciples. That is ministry as far as I'm concerned. Your making Jesus known. Your going to be dealing with all sorts of issues that come up. Some have been hurt more than others. I'm grateful for different giftings and callings in the church body. You've got the God-given gifts, the Jesus given gifts and the Holy Spirit gifts. And when all work together, it usually gets the job done.

For me personally, my method's have changed over the years. I used to just love to preach a good hard message... and I still do. I like to hear hard messages as well. But as I've noted before, when done in the wrong spirit, it doesn't come off well. Especially when your preaching out of hurt. But more so over time, I've come to value to small group settings. Where you get into the nit and grit with people. And you get into their lives and get deep. I don't mind speaking a hard message, if it's what the Lord wants of me. It's important to always speak on what is on His heart and not just what YOU think is good.

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