Sunday, November 2, 2008

Living and Learning

I don't know about you, reader, but I'm always learning and growing. I'm always looking for how I can grow and mature in my life and my walk with Jesus. I used to play soccer. I haven't played in a league for years. I played right full back or half back. I would usually never cross the mid-line of the field. It wasn't my job really to be up there. If I was up there, it was for a very brief time. If and when the opposite team came into my area, it was my job to get the ball and get it up field and then for the offense to take it and advance it and hopefully score.

One of my main things I do for church is prayer/intercession. Granted, to a certain degree, everyone is to be doing that. But then there are some individuals who are more cut out for it. Just like we're all to do the evangelist, but there are some who that is what they do. They're always hitting the streets and talking to people about Jesus. Now, I CAN do that, I have no problem talking to a complete stranger about life and I frequently get the opportunity to speak with people about stuff. I mentioned to one of my friends who is more socially ept about sometimes how I'd like to get more involved with different evangelistic outreaches at times.

But you know how some people are just more socially capable and some aren't? I'm one that isn't. Some people walk into a room and they're like the center of attention. And then there is me. I'm more support for people like that. That same friend who I mentioned above once said to me the following: "Shawn, don't give up your gift of intercession. It's an important thing. Some are like me and they're ground troops. Others are like you and they're air support. You'll see things in the future and need to radio down to me to warn me. And trust me, it's helpful."

That really spoke to me. The body of Christ is a big body. And there are tons of different gifts and parts in it. There are those who are more loud and then those who are soft-spoken. I once had a roommate that he just had one of those deep booming voices. But he was a gentle giant at the same time and very teachable. But he loved to open air, and he had the lung capacity for it! I've done it once, and I can do it, although not necessarily my forte.

I know for the church, I want to see giftings and callings released and for people to really utilize what they have.

One of the tricks to being prayer support is learning to do it in public in a non scary type of way. When I go with a team, I'm content with being there and praying, but just looking like I'm just going on with life as usual. You may think that's a little deceitful. But if you would've asked me, I would've told you I was praying. I was just doing it covertly.

I remember one time when I was on an outreach team to the local university, UNCC, they had a "coming out day". They had a public forum for those who were admitting they were homosexual to come and publicly say they were. So as a team, we went down and sat and listened to them. After wards, a couple of us got to speak with the organizers of the event. They were astounded at the turnout for the event. It was at this time that we told them that at least half the folks there weren't in support of it, but we just wanted to hear what they had to say.

It's stuff like this that makes go and the world spin. As well as making for a great story to tell.

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