Monday, September 15, 2008

Two Kingdoms Collide

I recently read a news article from One News Now about MTV bashing those who hold to abstinence. I can't say as that I'm surprised that that would happen. Guess what everyone... sinners sin.. its what they do. I'm sure that your well aware if you've read my blogs before that I too where a purity ring on my ring finger on my left hand. That ring doesn't stop me necessarily from getting into pre-marital sex. But it moreso my heart and mind saying that i'm not going to mess around like that. When I do get married someday, my wife can rest assured that she is the one and only one that i've ever been with. I was never much of a fan of the Jonas brothers, but perhaps i'll have to look into them more.

After that article, many left remarks. One person stated: "In a nation where free speech is a guaranteed legal right, we have to be prepared to hear from those who do not agree with us. That's just the way it is. MTV has no obligation to apologize to anyone for exercising this right of free speech in the context of what this article says. If people don't like what MTV says or does then they are perfectly free to turn it off. Simple as that." And they're right that MTV doesn't have to apologize for that stuff. As I mentioned earlier, sinners sin. They don't really know better... or they might, but they haven't been saved yet... It's really up to those who profess to be Christians and holding fast to Biblical truth to not endorse stuff like that.

Another person said: "Purity rings are ridiculous. They are about as effective at stopping intercourse as they are at stopping bullets. Abstinence is a mental decisions, and is not something that a ring is going to cause. Wearing the ring is only an outward judgement on everybody else who sees it and may not bee abstinent, further driving them away from the Christian community." I agree partly and I kinda addressed that already. But I'm not trying to judge someone. It's this kind of mentality that says that we shouldn't preach against sin and about the Cross because it might offend someone. Of course the gospel will offend... it points out your wrongs and makes you change.

All in all, it's up to Christians to take a stand for righteousness according to the Bible. Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the Good News. It's time to get our hands dirty and love these folks into the Kingdom.

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