Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On the Right or Left?

Ok, much to the chagrin of those who love a good and healthy discussion on politics, that is NOT what the title is addressing. This blog is addressing another topic: my purity ring that I wear on my ring finger. Here is the deal: as of current, i'm still single and i wear a purity ring on my ring finger. It is part of my promise with God to not engage in sexual immorality (not going to have sex) before I'm married. But here is the pickle I've come up against... I've been told by different individuals it goes on different fingers. Some have told me it goes on the right ring finger. Others say that left...

I started wearing it on my left because that's where the wedding band goes and all that good stuff. But then someone said "no, its supposed to go on the right hand." So, i just didn't know if anyone reading this knew the definites on this stuff. I guess ultimately I could and should just ask the Holy Ghost and see what He thinks... but please give me your feedback.

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