Friday, March 28, 2008

RIP American Dream

This blog is going to be one those 'i can't understand the American thinking at times' sort of blogs.

I was reading on World Net Daily about a book that someone just wrote about how Affirmative Action really hurts those its trying to help. One reason i can't stand the idea of Affirmative Action is because it puts you at super high risk. You want an example? with joy...

Let's say your going in for surgery. It's a triple bypass surgery on your heart. So your about to go under the knife. Here's the kicker - the doctor who is going to be performing this operation is second to someone else. And he's not really that good at it, but he was brought in through affirmative action... the hospital had to fill a quota. The doctor is from a minority group. But thanks to affirmative action, they hospital HAD to hire him over someone else who is better... just to fill a quota.

Now, probably the thinking behind affirmative action is to give those who might not otherwise have a chance of getting a job. But seriously, its not the greatest idea.

Its for reasons like this that i don't like affirmative action. It's filling a quota. That's why i don't like the idea. It's meant to make someone feel ok about themself. And i don't have time to get into THAT whole ideology... (like how i don't really like how we're to have self-esteem, rather than knowing who we are as Children of God and knowing our identity in Jesus Christ... but that's for another blog).

All in all, i think affirmative action is total chaos. It hurts rather than help in most cases. Down w/ that stupid way of thinking.

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