Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pick on someone your own size....

This evening, i went down to a city counsel meeting at the government center in Charlotte. There is a new "Anti-Bullying" policy that is being voted on. And most of it sounds good! Because most of it is good.... but slipped into the categories of individuals that are being considered is 'sexual orientation'. now, i want to make something very clear here: i am not for homosexual bashing or anything of that nature. i don't tolerate speech like that around me. but included in this bill is the fact that if you saying anything bad about homosexuality, you could be punished!

lets put it into another light... lets say that someone is questioning their gender. they're claiming to be a 'woman trapped in a mans body'. ok, so ladies, lets say your at a restaurant somewhere and you simply go to use the restroom. your in there and suddenly a guy comes walking in! so, after you probably scream like crazy and run out, you go run to the manager of the restaurant and tell them that there is a man in the woman's restroom! when you question the guy, he say's "oh no, you don't understand... i think i'm actually a woman trapped in a mans body."

you might think i'm stretching it here. but this is the exact thing that is taking place as of right now. the sad thing about the night for me was the students. i felt soo bad for the students who got up and spoke from their hearts about their being bullied in school. i wasn't exactly mr. popular in school myself. matter of fact, i was seriously contemplating either homeschooling or private schooling. but after some prayer, i knew i was supposed to stay in public school. how else are we to affect our nation and society if we stay inside our little bubbles?

here's a thought to ponder: we don't need new rules and laws... we just need the correct enforcement of those already in place.

most of the policy was ok. i read it and was like "thats not a bad policy." but then i read some of the categories and i was frightened.

i don't know how to end this. just thought i'd share this w/ the general public.

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