Saturday, December 8, 2007

Money cometh

Ok, so i had to come up with some sort of interesting title for this one. That's because one of the reasons i love having this blog site is is that i get to brag on God and how He teaches me continually to trust in Him and not in what my physical eyes see, but rather to trust in Him when He speaks.

As i've stated before, i love to travel. I love to do international travel, get out into the world and see the sights. Well, about 2 years ago (a little over actually), right before i started my 3rd year at FIRE, an opportunity came up for a trip to the Philippines. And i felt in my heart that i was to go on that trip. I hadn't been able to do any sort of traveling in the recent years because if i wasn't in school at FIRE, i was working. so that pretty much meant no traveling.

But for this trip, I just felt i was to go. Let's just note one fact: the trip was going to cost $2,100. already struggling to get by, i knew i wasn't going to be able to just rip off a check and hand it to the missions department. My way of raising funds was to simply let people know about the need and allow God to speak to hearts. So that's what i would do. I would pray and just mention it in casual conversation about the need.

Well, it just so happened that i was planning on going back up to PA for a time. I informed my pastor there about it and he mentioned that he would give me a few minutes to just briefly share about what was going on w/ me down here. I want to mention that just sharing for 5-10 minutes from me is a miracle. I have a tendency to be able to go on and on and on and on and on... you get the picture..

So that morning, i get up to share just a brief 5 minute testimony of my life. And just mentioning about going to the Philippines and the cost issue. I refuse to this day to do any sort of major emotional ploy at all to raise the funds. I simply share the need and allow God to work on hearts. Well, that morning after sharing, a lady who that was her first and last morning with us, hands me a check. When she gave me the check, i immediately folded it up w/o even looking at it and simply thanked her. Later on, i looked at it and it was for $200! I was like "ok God, you want me on this trip!" over the course of time from then until the trip, money just kept coming in! I was getting money from people who i didn't even tell about the trip! And the amounts weren't $20 here and $10 there... we're talking a minimum of $50! i remember getting a check in the mail from a family who i know it was a stretch of faith for them. Man, stuff like that just breaks your heart. I can't tell you the humility factor that comes with that.

It was on this trip that i prayed for countless folks. My life was dramatically touched and changed probably more than anyone whom i prayed for. But i was not going to let these people down nor let God down. i was able to pray w/ youth and just see the Holy Ghost touch their lives. it was such a blessing to be able to pray for them and just step back and watch them go after God like crazy!

I'd have to say that if your looking to get a blessing from God, be a blessing and be a help. Just the other weekend, about 30 of us went out to eat after church. We were celebrating two birthdays that day. Both of them were students at school, and i just made mention that if no one else takes care of it, i will be sure to take their bill for them. I know that when you go out to eat for your birthday, its nice to be treated. And i love that aspect of life.

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