Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Am Legend

The other night, I went with a few of my friends here to go see the new Will Smith movie, I Am Legend. It was interesting. It's rated PG-13 and it's probably that for the suspense/horror that it has.

The movie is set in the future. What happened is that there was a doctor who discovered the cure for cancer. But from what i gather, it mutated and created zombies. Will Smith plays a doctor and military colonel who is trying to find a cure.

The reason I'm writing this is because it got me to thinking. The movie was about someone who thought that they had discovered. They were trying to find an ailment to a disease outside the realm of God. They were trying to solve a problem, without using God. And that's dangerous.

The Bible is chock full of stories that people tried to find an answer to a problem without using God. And it seemed to work for a time. But it eventually flopped.

People are constantly trying to find a way into Heaven without using Jesus. They're trying to discover a way to a better life without going through the hard trials. And trials aren't fun. But when we try to find a solution to life's little problems, and we don't use God's way, the idea will flop eventually. Moral of the story: do it God's way. It's the smartest thing to do.

Back to the movie... i am in no way trying to spiritualize this movie. I'm not trying to find a good reason and way for me to watch it. I normally don't go see movies like this because I don't like horror movies. But we were originally going to see a Charlotte Bobcats basketball game and got there too late. So we decided to go see this movie. Wasn't my first pick in movies, but I was going more for the relationships... to spend time with folks. I don't even recommend going to see this movie. I mean, for the most part, it was good and clean. Meaning that there was like no sex or not even a whole lot of swearing at all. Just a lot of freaky zombies. So i wouldn't even recommend going to see it.


Jacqueline said...

oh funny! As we speak (or as I write), John is on a "man-date" (hanging out with the guys) watching that movie at concord mills!

Stevie B said...

You know, I haven't even seen an ad for the movie, but just read a review and read the original last man on earth story that movie is supposed to be based on. Thank you for empowering my conscience to go see it :P