Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Reality Check

Just recently, i was talking w/ a precious brother and friend. We were both in agreement of how we get bored in a church service like there is no tomorrow. i have a hard time sitting still. I can't tell you the amount of times i wanted to skip church and go get a bite to eat. Aside from the fact that at times going to church is about as exciting as a tubber ware party.... aside from the fact that i'm sick of the social club aspect of... there is a depth of reality that we have yet to tap into. Is it just me or does life seem extremely shallow? I mean, its annoying to me when i go up to someone and i know they're going thru hell and yet they give me the canned response of that things are fine. Whatever happened to the power of God? The Christian life has got to be more than just nice little services where the sound is perfect and the settings are just right... when was the last time someone actually got saved in church? when was the last time someone got healed?

There is a desperate cry right now from the young adult generation for something real. Something has got to change. I have a hard time going thru the mall and just seeing the youth. Seeing their lives are just about shopping and living the nice life. Forget that. If that's all that life is, i'm done. I can't stand the idea of the American Dream. Aside from the fact that i can prove it wrong in a heart beat.

In a twist of irony, i was in correspondence with a lady from the New England area. She mentioned to me that she thinks it would be a good idea for people to have good morals. you know, be a good person. Do the right thing... but yet, don't mention God (or Jesus for that matter) in the public life. Where do we suppose that we should get those good morals? Maybe keep watching CNN or other news outlets. It's not like they don't have an agenda against truth... But where should we be getting these good morals?

"But Shawn, you don't understand... i've been hurt by people in the church. I've been hurt by Christians." so have i. i'm right there with you. Think of Jesus on the Cross. He was betrayed by some of His best friends. By grace, forgive. i know thats easy for me to say. And by no means am i condoning any hurt that people have done to others. That's not right. We need to be careful in our relationships and be sensitive to others.

But what i'm getting at is that i'm soo tired of 'church' as church. i'm soo tired of doing the nice little meetings and just going to the meetings and yet there is no relationships. Christianity is all about relationships. God desires for your reconciliation to Him by a relationship with His Son, Jesus. Isn't it great that we can't earn our salvation? We can't do enough of good works to get it. It's by grace through faith. If we had to earn it, i would've been out of the game a long time ago.

I've grown up in the church... i've been in this sorted mess all my life. After you've been in something for a long time, you begin to see the corruption. And you really have to guard your heart against bitterness and all that wonderful stuff that creeps in. I'm committed to making it better. I'm committed to sticking with it until the end. Sure there are a lot of problems and issues. So why do you think God entrusted us, His creation, with His bride? I'm sure He knew we'd mess things up good. When greed and envy get in their with immature folks leading...

But perhaps that part of God's heart... to still love us through that and desire that our hearts join with His in helping Him. It's a thought at least...

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