Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Praise Report

I wanted to give thanks to God for the recent healing of one of my cousins. She was just recently healed of her allergies to peanuts. i'm not sure how bad it was, other than the fact that if she even just held peanuts, she'd break out and have medication. And i know that she even had to go to the hospital a time or two.

but recently, the Lord laid it on her heart to write letters to all those who hurt her in the past. Immediately, afterward, she felt a heaviness in her chest and she just felt that this was satan's way of trying to scare her. from what i understand, she was even contemplating suicide, but thankfully she didn't go through with it. Nothing happened as far as healing goes right away. But the next morning she woke up and she was full of joy and happiness! She and my aunt were planning on going to a conference on inner healing down in Georgia before hand. They still went but, from what i understand, didn't stay for the whole thing. But during the time of the trip, she ate some peanuts (without her moms knowledge) and nothing happened. Then she told her mom she wanted to get some peanuts to eat. My aunt (her mom) immediately told her no and wanted to wait for further blood tests. Well, my cousin went out and bought some peanut M&M's anyways. She put them in her hand and nothing happened (normally, she would've had an allergic reaction). She proceeded to put them in her mouth and eat them.. right in front of her mom! lol. And nothing happened! No reaction! Praise God for His healing power!

Jesus, i thank you for the Cross upon which you died for our sins and diseases. I thank you for taking what you did upon yourself. You crushed sin, death and disease and tore the veil. You created a bridge between us and God. And for that, i am eternally grateful.

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