Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God Is Variety

During my last visit to my parents, I was on my computer and youtubing various videos of different worship songs. At one point in time, I put in “joyful joyful, we adore thee” and I found a version of that song done by a house of prayer in the United States. My mom and sister were in the room and they asked me to turn it up. So I did and just walked off and did some other things for a moment and just let the music fill the house. We all kind of started singing along.

I don’t know about anyone else, but there is just something about the hymns that just hit me every time. There is just soo much meat in them… I listen to some of the modern songs that are sung in a worship service and some of them just seem superficial and lacking any real substance. None the less, I’m sure those songs are ministering to someone somewhere.

But I got to thinking about the various music varieties and even the various sermon varieties out there. I know for myself, I like a healthy mix of both. There are times when in listening to music, I like the softer soaking genre and then there is the time when I’m looking for something more upbeat. Same goes with looking for a message or a sermon. There are times when I’m looking more for like a teaching one and then there’s the time when I’m looking for a really challenging message. One to really get me stirred up and ready to do something.

I find when going to minister somewhere that it’s vitally important to get the Lord’s heart for the people and not just something that YOU think is necessary. The Lord knows what His people need. When we minister out of what WE think is necessary, I can guarantee you it will most likely flop. Sometimes, the Lord puts a burden on your heart and it’s meant to just pray into it. It’s not something that is meant for corporate prayer at the time but it’s just a private thing right now.
Some like to just focus on repentance, which is necessary but that’s all they ever focus on. They never get anywhere else. They never mention about the life and power of the Holy Spirit and the grace that is given to succeed. Others just focus in on worship. Some are very strong in the Word but there is no life in it. Some are all just into the Holy Spirit but there is no grounding in the Word.
All in all, it’s vitally important to see what is on the Lord’s heart and receive from Him to give off to others.

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