Thursday, February 5, 2009

All My Eggs In One Basket

Everyday, I'm getting emails from groups like the A.F.A and other watchdog groups. Such and such a bill is going through and I need to contact my congressman immediately and voice my opinion.... After a while, I just stop. I thoroughly believe in being active in every sphere of life, but I also believe in praying for those in authority.

I think the next couple of years is a great chance for God to arise and His enemies be scattered. I want to see laws changed to protect the unborn and help the country. But if you get to someone's heart, that's better than legislating. You can only do soo much before you just have soo many rules that someone is bound to snap. What's going on in their heart that makes them want to do what they do?

When investing, its not a good idea to put all your money in one place, but rather, spread it out. It's called diversifying an investment. The Kingdom of God isn't like that. You put your trust in the Lord and stay close to Him and His heart and your 'investment' (life) can't be anywhere safer. You continue to read the Bible and continue to pray (seek God) and your life is taken care of. It may not seem be taken care of like you want it to be, but God's got you.

Let us continue to seek God for change that we can believe in.

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